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Links and Further Reading

Useful Resources

Ridhwan School Website
The Ridhwan School is the organisation founded by Hameed Ali aka AH Almaas and Karen Johnson. It is the home of the Diamond Approach. The School’s website has many useful resources (some with direct links below)

Diamond Approach Online
DAO offers many courses and programmes, some open to anybody, some only for students of the Ridhwan School.

Passionate Love for Truth
An interview with AH Almaas about the passionate love of the truth that is the heart of inquiry and the Diamond Approach.

Diamond Approach Glossary
A resource with excerpts from the writings of AH Almaas, covering many different topics and concepts relevant to the Diamond Approach and spiritual work.

Video Resources

Diamond Approach Youtube Channel
Many videos by AH Almaas, Karen Johnson and other teachers and students relevant to the Diamond Approach and practice of inquiry.

Science and Nonduality Conference
This is an annual conference with many interesting webinars, videos and interviews with leading thinkers and teachers looking at bringing together scientific and spiritual perspectives.

Book Resources

There are many books written by AH Almaas, and they are valuable and useful at different stages of the journey. Here are some suggestions. Most are available through online retailers in the UK and South Africa.


The Diamond Approach: An introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas
Author: John Davis

Description:This is a fantastic introduction to the Diamond Approach. John provides extended excerpts from the writings of AH Almaas to introduce the central concepts and practices of the Diamond Approach and the path that unfolds.


Diamond Heart Book One: Elements of the Real in Man
Author: AH Almaas

This is an excellent book for people new or in their first few years of study of the Diamond Approach. It contains a great introduction to fundamental concepts such as ego, essence, the theory of holes, truth, and maturation. It is generally accessible to read, being less academic in style than some other works.


The Soul Without Shame
Author: Byron Brown

This is a very comprehensive and practical guide to the recognising and working with the inner critic, also known as the superego or the inner judge. Work with the superego is a part of this path from the beginning and in an ongoing way. This book is recommended for anyone seriously engaging with this work, or interested in learning about this tenacious and challenging part of the personality.


The Unfolding Now
Author: AH Almaas

The first 8 or 9 chapters of the book are a very useful exploration of what is meant by “being where you are.” These are highly recommended for people in the first few years of their journey. Being where you and recognising it is one side of inquiry, the other being exploring and questioning where you are to understand it. The later chapters in this book are very advanced, and less accessible to readers, although they give some sense of the immense scope of this path.


The Void
Author: AH Almaas

This  short book gives a glimpse into the extraordinary combination of spirituality / phenomenology and psychology that lies at the heart of the Diamond Approach. The book explores the experiences of space, emptiness or void that arise at various stages of the inner journey, and the associated psychological issues. High recommended for anyone looking for a more indepth psychological or scientific perspective on this work.


The Wisdom of the Enneagram
Author: Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

A leading popular book on the enneagram, giving very practical and accessible material for exploring this very useful tool. Both authors were Diamond Approach students, and this perspectives informs a lot of their work.


The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram
Author: Sandra Maitri

Sandra Maitri is a leading enneagram authority and Diamond Approach teacher. Here she explores in great depth and precision the structures at the heart of each enneatype. This is not easy reading in the sense that it is very confronting to read about some of these sensitive parts of one’s psyche. But at some point, it is very valuable.


Divine Eros
Author: AH Almaas and Karen Johnson

Conventional wisdom cautions that desire and passion are opposed to the spiritual path – that pursuing desire will take you more into the egoic world. This book challenges the view that the erotic and divine are separate. Relationships become spiritual opportunities to express authentically and we can learn to be real and alive in all interactions.


The Brain and the Inner World
Author: Mark Solms and Oliver Turnbull

A great introduction to the neuroscience of inner experience.


The Ego Tunnel
Author: Thomas Metzinger

A book by a leading philosopher with a strong neuroscience focus.