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About Diamond Inquiry

Diamond inquiry is the central practice of the Diamond Approach. Inquiry involves getting as in touch with your immediate experience as you can, and then exploring it in a friendly and interested way to find out both what’s going on for you, and what it’s about.

Inquiry is like diving into the ocean of the inner world and exploring what’s around. This inner world includes your thoughts, feelings, sensations and your very consciousness itself along the connected circumstances and situations of your life. Inquiry is not about fixing or changing anything. It is based on the deep understanding that whatever is going on for you is meaningful and intelligent in some way, and that the most helpful thing you can do is to try to understand yourself and your experience.

This understanding is not a theoretical understanding. It is an understanding that comes from being right in touch with whatever is going on for you, and contemplating it and questioning it in an open and interested way, that allows you to begin to discover more about your experience.

Inquiry is open to any experience, positive or negative. Whatever is happening within you, the orientation is one of being friendly and interested. You are as interested in your anger and envy, for example, as in your love and gentleness.

Inquire is a magical process: the very act of getting in touch and seeing and understanding what’s happening all by itself starts bringing about a profound transformation in ways that you could not have imagined for yourself. Your very consciousness begins unfolding to reveal its riches and potentials.

The practice of inquiry opens up an entire path of development. The knowledge and understanding of that process is contained within the path of the Diamond Approach.

Ultimately, inquiry is not a method and not a formula. Inquiry is an expression of our being-ness, of our true nature, our inner spiritual depth. Being curious, interested, friendly and growing through understanding our experience is inherently part of human nature. Inquiry is the skilful expression of this living understanding unfolding in our lives.