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Diamond Heart UK (DHUK)

Diamond Heart UK

Provisional Calendar

  • 13-14 March 2021 Zoom (no Friday evening)
  • 9-11 April 2021 Zoom
  • 22-23 May 2021 Zoom (no Friday evening)
  • 9 -11 July 2021 Zoom
  • 8-10 October 2021 Zoom
  • 18-19 December 2021 Zoom (No Friday evening)
  • 21-23 January 2022
  • 12-13 March 2022
  • 22-24 April 2022
  • 28-29 May 2022

Small Groups

Each weekend, all group members attend one small group meeting at 6:30pm, on either the Saturday, Monday or Tuesday evenings on or following the weekend.

Diamond Heart UK is the UK’s first non-residential weekend format Diamond Approach group. It is a program of the Ridhwan Academy, directed by AH Almaas.

This group is taught by Tejo Jourdan, Zarina Maiwandi and Dom Liber. You have registered on since we are using Dom’s site for registration while the group forms.

The group is open to new students. There are seven zoom weekends per year. Four run Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. These will move in-person when that becomes possible. The other three are based on Saturday and Sunday only and will remain on zoom. We expect to continue with this format, with some adjustments over time to serve the needs of the group.

Below you will find:

  • Registration for future weekends
  • A link to the Ridhwan School Information Statement, which all students must sign electronically
  • Access to past teachings and events
  • Information about ongoing group application and membership
  • An application form to download, and a place to upload it once completed, and payment of the application fee

Learn more about the Diamond Approach and what an ongoing group is here.


Fees are on a sliding scale, based on your ability to pay. The standard rate is for most people. There is a lower rate for those who need to pay less, and a higher rate for those who can pay more.

Weekend with Friday evening: £220 Standard / £180 Lower / £260 Higher
Weekend no Friday evening: £175 Standard / £145 Lower / £205 Higher

The total fees per annum for all weekends come to: £1405 Standard / £1155 Lower / £1655 Higher
To give you an idea, this is equivalent to a monthly amount of: £117 Standard / £96 Lower / £138 Higher

The weekends include around seven to nine small group meetings with a teacher, mostly on the weekend retreats, with a few in between, all at no extra cost. They also include two private one-to-one sessions with a teacher over the year. There is a once off £35 application fee when you apply to join. The only additional mandatory cost is the modest annual Ridhwan Student Dues below. Further private sessions are recommended if possible, but not required.

All payments are collected via Paypal. You do NOT need a Paypal account, although you can use one if you have it. On the first Paypal window, click the option towards the bottom to use a debit or credit card. Then, just before completing, Paypal will offer you the chance to register an account. At the bottom of that window in very small print is an option to skip this for now. If you select that, you will just use your debit or credit card normally without creating an account.

Register here for upcoming Diamond Heart UK Weekends

Everyone is welcome to attend one or two weekends without completing a full application to join the group. If this is your first weekend, all you need to do is register just below for the weekend you want to join.

Course Category

Information Statement & Group Membership

Everyone attending a second weekend must electronically sign the information statement here:

Joining the Group and the Ridhwan School

The Ridhwan School consists of all members of Diamond Approach groups as well as students working individually with a Diamond Approach teacher. After attending two or three weekends, all students need to apply to join the group and the School to continue participating. To apply, please download the application form using the button below. We suggest taking your time to contemplate it and respond fully. On completion, pay the application fee (middle button), and then upload the form using (bottom button).

Annual Ridhwan Student Dues

The baseline 100% dues are the default. Lower dues can be requested in cases of financial need. Students who can pay higher dues to support the valuable work of the School are invited to do so.

A lower scale of dues applies to private session students who are not part of an ongoing group. 

Group Membership Requirements

  • The teachings build on each other, as with any ongoing program of study and development. Group members commit to attending all weekends and meetings as far as they can, and to pay for and review any missed teachings.
  • Membership is provisional until the completion of five private sessions with a teacher, and seven small group meetings in which you do a substantial piece of work.
  • Members are free to end their membership at any time.
  • A daily Kath meditation practice and ongoing engagement with the sensing looking and listening is required.
  • Inquiry practice with fellow students is encouraged.
  • Private sessions with a teacher are recommend if possible for you, in addition to what is included in the retreats.
  • All group members pay annual student dues to the Ridhwan Foundation and will receive a login to the student portal. these are in addition to retreat fees.

Your teachers will contact you to confirm your membership, or with any questions around your application. On acceptance, you will also be contacted by someone from the Ridhwan Foundation to give you login details for the Ridhwan portal, and to pay your annual student dues. All students pay student dues are based on a voluntary sliding scale. Please contact your teachers with any questions.

Private Sessions

Please read here for detailed information about private sessions. If you are interested in more sessions than are included in the weekends, please register your interest here.

Past Introductory Afternoons

Review or Register to Access Past weekends.

Course Category

  • DHUK Intro #1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May)

    1 Lessonsin , ,
    • DHUK Intro 1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May) - SUPPORTER - £55.00
    • DHUK Intro 1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May) - LOWER - £25.00
    • DHUK Intro 1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May) - STANDARD - £40.00

    Curiosity and wonder are part of our inherent, essential nature as human beings. Explore this quality of your inner nature, and also discover some of the barriers that shut down and limit your natural curiosity.

  • DHUK Intro Series - Five Afternoons Introducing the Diamond Approach

    5 Lessonsin , ,
    • DHUK Intro Series (Five Sessions) - SUPPORTER - £260.00
    • DHUK Intro Series (Five Sessions) - LOWER - £120.00
    • DHUK Intro Series (Five Sessions) - STANDARD - £190.00

    These five afternoons introduce different aspects of the Diamond Approach in preparation for the new Diamond Heart UK group.

  • DHUK Intro #2 - Beyond Knowing (6 June)

    1 Lessonsin , ,
    • DHUK Intro #2 - Beyond Knowing (6 June) - SUPPORTER - £55.00
    • DHUK Intro #2 - Beyond Knowing (6 June) - LOWER - £25.00
    • DHUK Intro #2 - Beyond Knowing (6 June) - STANDARD - £40.00

    How does thinking we already know---who we are, what is happening around us, what reality is---get in the way of our opening to deeper mystery?

  • DHUK Intro #3 - Staying the Course (4 July)

    1 Lessonsin , ,
    • DHUK Intro #3 - Staying the Course (4 July) - SUPPORTER - £55.00
    • DHUK Intro #3 - Staying the Course (4 July) - LOWER - £25.00
    • DHUK Intro #3 - Staying the Course (4 July) - STANDARD - £40.00

    As we become curious about our experience and open to all that we don't know, we can discover a sense of commitment to what is true in our experience. We can become steadfast, not easily knocked off course.

  • DHUK Intro #4 - Lionhearted (8 August)

    1 Lessonsin , ,
    • DHUK Intro #4 - Lion hearted (8 August) - SUPPORTER - £55.00
    • DHUK Intro #4 - Lion hearted (8 August) - LOWER - £25.00
    • DHUK Intro #4 - Lion hearted (8 August) - STANDARD - £40.00

    If we wish for the truth but cannot bear to face it when it arises, our life remains secure but stagnant. We need courage to come close to ourselves, especially when we're scared or there is something difficult in our experience.

  • DHUK Intro #5 - True Sensitivity (5 September)

    1 Lessonsin , ,
    • DHUK Intro #5 - True Sensitivity (5 September) - SUPPORTER - £55.00
    • DHUK Intro #5 - True Sensitivity (5 September) - LOWER - £25.00
    • DHUK Intro #5 - True Sensitivity (5 September) - STANDARD - £40.00

    Most of us handle our suffering by shutting down our sensitivity. But doing so also cuts us off from the attuned kindness of an open heart. How else might we orient toward our innate human vulnerability?

  • DHUK 2020 10 - Weekend 1

    5 Lessonsin ,
    • DHUK 2020 10 - £180.00£260.00

    Diamond Heart UK Weekend #1 2020 10

  • DHUK 2020 12 - Weekend 2

    1 Lessonsin ,
    • DHUK 2020 12 - £145.00£205.00

    DHUK 2020 12 - Weekend 2

  • DHUK 2021 01 - Weekend 3

    1 Lessonsin ,
    • DHUK 2021 01 - £180.00£260.00

    DHUK 2021 01 - Weekend 3

  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, pages.

Private Sessions

Please complete the form below. A teacher will contact you with more information on Private Sessions.

  • A teacher will contact you at this email address.