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Diamond Heart UK – Inviting New Students

Diamond Heart UK is the first weekly, non-residential Diamond Approach group in the UK, based on the teachings of AH Almaas. After running for three years, we are now inviting new students to join, as we begin a new stage in our journey with the Diamond Approach. We will be entering some of the deeper teachings of this profound path, addressing profound aspects of what it is to be a human being living in the world.

Many people may experience a conflict between the wordly life of families, jobs and society, and transcendent or otherworldy spirituality, on the meditation cushion, in prayer, or on the yoga mat.  Some think that only one seems important or matters. But life in the world without the depth of our true nature is often empty and superficial. And spirituality without the embodiment in our personal lives seems empty in a different way. The Diamond Approach offers a way for our deepest spiritual nature to live a fully human, personal life: to be the depth of what we are, living our lives more fully than we could ever have imagined.

This is possible through its unique inclusion of psychological knowledge and understanding, with deep spiritual realisation. The Diamond Approach is not a religion and is open to people of all religious affiliation or persuasion including atheist and agnostic.

In the next few years, Diamond Approach teachers Tejo, Lisa and Dominic will lead the group on a deep journey into this territory of the transcendent human being that lives a personal life – the personal essence. What is it to be a person of presence, rather than the person of history, reactions and conditioning? We have found this teaching to profoundly impact our own lives the lives of our students. So we are inviting new students to join our group for this rare possibility of engaging such a rich and transformative journey.

If you are considering joining us and would like to speak with one of the teachers, you’re very welcome to contact us with this form or to email and one of us will be in touch to set up a call.

DHUK welcomes participants who can come to London about three times a year for two in-person weekend, and an in-person 5 day retreat, and do the remaining three weekends on Zoom. Members must attend all weekends or catch them up via recordings afterwards, and also do small groups and private sessions with a teacher through the year. New members will be guided through reviewing some of the material from the past three years.

Our Next Weekends


April 2024 zoom
June 2024 in-person

**FEBRUARY CATCH UP FOR NEW STUDENTS IN APRIL – REGISTRATION DEADLINE 27 MARCH: If you are new in April, and did not attend the February weekend, you must review the February material before attending in April. We are offering the February recordings at 50% of the February weekend price i.e. £125, which will be added to the cost of the April registration.  Registration will close on 27 March to allow time for this review.

The first half of 2024 will be an exploration of the quality of inner or essential spaciousness. This spacious openness is not an attitude based on ideas or beliefs. It is a state of being which we arrive at by seeing through the self images that have defined who we take ourself to be. Fully recognising a self image for what it is and allowing the emptiness that follows brings us naturally to a wonderful state of freedom, unencumbered by the heavy rigid ego structure that have defined our experience of ourself until then. We feel un-patterned and experience ourself as a clear luminous spaciousness, immaculate and light hearted, open to all the potential of our true nature.

Over three weekends we will engage deeply the practice of being present in the immediacy of our experience, and exploring and opening it up through the practice of diamond inquiry™. We will present teachings of the Diamond Approach ® on this quality of Essential Space so we can see and understand more about how we came to have the beliefs, ideas, and convictions that make up our personality.

This exploration will invite the quality of spacious openness to infuse our personal life, our love of truth, and our experience of reality as a whole with freshness, lightness and openness.


“I myself can recommend the Diamond Approach as probably the most balanced of the widely available spiritual psychologies/therapies.”

– Ken Wilber

Future Dates

Diamond Heart UK is the UK’s first non-residential weekend format Diamond Approach group. It is a program of the Ridhwan Academy, directed by AH Almaas. We are using this site for registration of new students. If you are already a member of the group, please register through the Diamond Approach student portal at We meet in 2024 for 2 in-person weekends, 3 weekends on Zoom, and one in-person 5 day retreat.

Each weekend is a dive in to the inner world to explore different qualities of our human nature, using the practices of meditation, sensing and inquiry.

This unique exploration encompasses our lives, the psychological elements of our histories and the direct, immediate sensations of our awareness or consciousness as it takes on different qualities.

DHUK Provisional Calendar

Some adjustments are still possible

DHUK Catch Up Bundles

We are offering the past teachings in “catch up bundles” by topic, at highly reduced rates, to support anyone to catch up the important material that the group covered before they joined the group. The bundles mostly have three weekends in them. The recordings for Superego, Red, Yellow, White, Green and Black are all on this website, so you will be able to access the recordings as soon as you purchase the bundle. The other bundles (Living Daylight, Pink) are stored on the Ridhwan portal, and Linda will activate access for you, which might take a few days.

We recommend taking plenty of time for the catch up. It is important to do all the exercises in the weekend: simply listening to the teachings is not catching up. You might look to catch up two or three bundles in a year, so the whole process might take a few years. This is helpful to integrate more deeply the material that you are learning.

If you did not attend any of the weekends in the bundle when we ran them, please purchase the full review for £100. If you attended one or two of the weekends in the bundle live, whether in person or on zoom, then you can take the partial review for £50.

We are making the Superego, Red, Yellow, White, Green or Black review bundles available to anyone regardless of when you joined the group.

Each of the other catch up bundles (Living Daylight, Pink or Space)  are only for people who were provisionally accepted into the group either mid way through or after completing that particular topic. If you were a member of the group when we started the topic, then you need to pay the full tuition fee for any missed weekend that took place after you joined, and catch it up that way, per our standard policy.

Please be in touch with Linda if you have any questions about the review process.

Reading recommendations

Diving in the Inner Ocean

Dom’s book Diving in the Inner Ocean is the essential practical guide to inquiry – the primary practice of the Diamond Approach.

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas

John Davis’s book The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas gives a broad overview of the whole approach.

Past Weekends / Now available as Online Courses

You can review weekends that you attended, or purchase to access to weekends you have not attended. If you have applied and joined the DHUK group, you can access past weekends at a discounted rate. Please contact Linda for details.

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