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Diamond Heart UK (DHUK)

Diamond Heart UK

Register for the July Weekend – Live in London

This weekend is our first weekend back in person, and we’ll be meeting near Clapham, in London. We will be exploring the Diamond Approach to inner peace. All are welcome, and no prior experience is required.

15 July            Doors open 5.15pm

6pm – 9pm: Teaching (all)


16 July            Doors open 9am

9.30am – 12.30pm: Teaching (all)
12.30pm – 1.45pm: Lunch
1.45pm – 4.45pm: Teaching (all)
5.15pm – 7.15pm: Small groups 1 and 3 only


17 July            Doors open 9.30am

9.30am – 12.30pm: Teaching (all)
12.30pm – 1.45pm: Lunch
1.45pm – 4.45pm: Teaching (all)
5.15pm – 7.15pm: Small groups 2 and 4 only

For more information, please contact us.

Join teachers Tejo, Zarina, Dom and Lisa for a weekend deep dive exploring the ocean of your inner world using the wisdom of the Diamond Approach.

Harness elements of the depth of meditation, the insight of psychology and the relevance to life of coaching.

You’ll engage some meditation and sensing practices to enter and awaken to your inner world. Then receive some teaching to orient you towards a particular exploration. And you’ll dive in with experiential inquiry exercises to explore and understand yourself in a deep and transformative way.

“The understanding is not mental or intellectual comprehension but a direct awareness and experience of oneself that is insightful and clear. It opens the door to a profound and intimate relationship with what it means to be a human being.”
– A.H. Almaas, Spacecruiser Inquiry, page 10

 Inner peace is a living presence of stillness that is the essence of our spiritual nature. In our world, with its constant tumult, we live amidst fear, self-doubt, animosity and turmoil, and it’s rare to feel settled and peaceful. But it’s not only external circumstances that disturb our sense of peace: inner activity is also at the root of our feelings of agitation and restlessness. In out July weekend we will explore and understand what’s in the way – the reactivity, agitation and chatter that occupy most of our conscious experience, as well as the inner peace and depth that is our true spiritual nature. 

“I myself can recommend the Diamond Approach as probably the most balanced of the widely available spiritual psychologies/therapies.”

– Ken Wilber

Future Dates

Diamond Heart UK is the UK’s first non-residential weekend format Diamond Approach group. It is a program of the Ridhwan Academy, directed by AH Almaas. We are using Dom’s site for registration.

Each weekend is a dive in to the inner world to explore different qualities of our human nature, using the practices of meditation, sensing and inquiry.

This unique exploration encompasses our lives, the psychological elements of our histories and the direct, immediate sensations of our awareness or consciousness as it takes on different qualities.

Reading recommendations

Diving in the Inner Ocean

Dom’s book Diving in the Inner Ocean is the essential practical guide to inquiry – the primary practice of the Diamond Approach.

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas

John Davis’s book The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas gives a broad overview of the whole approach.

Past Weekends / Now available as Online Courses

You can review weekends that you attended, or purchase to access to weekends you have not attended. If you have applied and joined the DHUK group, you can access past weekends at a discounted rate. Please contact Jona for details.

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Private Sessions

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