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How Inquiry Continues a Natural Developmental Process

In this video I talk about how inquiry in the Diamond Approach continues a very natural developmental process to a profound new level. I consider the quality of sweet, melting love. I look at some of the developmental stages of a particular quality of our consciousness that have been well studied in psychological development, and […]

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Inquiry as a Key Life Skill for the 21st Century

In this video I discuss how knowing yourself better than the artificial intelligence (AI) engines out there is a key life skill in the new world. Inquiry is the ultimate “know yourself” practice. This was inspired by a Sam Harris “Making Sense” podcast with Yuval Noah Harari.

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The Diamond of the Diamond Approach

Here I talk about the diamond-like quality of mind, in every day terms, based on a discussion with a friend who had no experience with the Diamond Approach or other spiritual practice. This conversation with him really showed me that many people might be able to relate to or recognise a hint of this quality […]

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