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Private Sessions

What is a Diamond Approach Private Session?

The sessions are a space to learn and practice the specific inquiry practice of the Diamond Approach, with my guidance as a teacher. The core orientation is to be as fully in touch as you can with whatever your experience is, and to be open and curious about it. The teacher supports you in that exploration of your experience, bringing their broader perspective, understanding and embodiment of the potentials of being, together with various tools that can support your insight and unfolding.

If inquiry is like scuba diving to explore in your inner world, then inquiring with a teacher is like going diving with an experienced guide at your side. The guide understands the terrain and may point you to possibilities that you would otherwise have missed, and help you learn how to dive in and explore new or tricky territory.

Recommended Preparation

Before your first session, I recommend that you do the first five sessions of the Learn to Inquire Course (click here). The lessons are not long and will give you a lot of the fundamental orientation to make the most of our time together.

If possible before any session, take a few minutes to be sensing, looking and listening and/or doing a short meditation.

Working Together

Initial Sessions

If you are new to the Diamond Approach or to working with a teacher, you are welcome to do a few sessions to see if this might be for you. I generally suggest giving it between five and ten sessions to see.

Ad Hoc Sessions

Ad hoc sessions or a defined series of sessions can also be discussed, if that is what you are looking for.

Ongoing Work

An ongoing teacher-student relationship requires a commitment from both sides. After an initial phase the teacher and student typically review whether it feels right to continue. If so, a regular time slot and frequency can be penciled in on an ongoing basis. There is no time limit placed on our work together since the unfolding of the human soul is open ended. You are free to stop at any point, but you would first take a  couple of sessions to explore this intention first and to wrap up any outstanding threads of inquiry.

Roughly once every two to four weeks is the suggested frequency for ongoing sessions.

Supporting Practice

All private session students are required to incorporate into their lives a daily kath meditation practice and the practice of Sensing Looking and Listening, taught in lesson three of the Learn to Inquire Course.

Ridhwan Foundation Membership

All students continuing after an initial phase become members of the Ridhwan Foundation. If you are not participating in an ongoing Diamond Approach group, this involves a modest annual dues of less than £100/R500. It gives you access to the global Diamond Approach community and many resources on the Diamond Approach student portal.

Small Group Participation

I recommend all private session students participate in a small group if it is available to them. Doing one session and one small group meeting per month is a great support for your Work.  The small group or inquiry group format allows you to learn a great deal about inquiry that you would not learn from doing private sessions alone. DASA and DHUK both include small group meetings.

Practical Details

These details apply to my private sessions. Other teachers may have different rates and booking arrangements.


I offer a range of session fees depending on your financial means, meaning income and/or wealth. There is a concession rate for people with somewhat lower than average means, a middle rate for people of about average means, and a full rate for those with somewhat higher than average means.

One way to think of it is to imagine a group of all Ridhwan students. About half of them should be paying the middle rate. About a quarter should be paying the full rate, and about a quarter should be on the concession rate. So you might assess in terms of your means (income and or wealth) whether you are in the top quarter, the bottom quarter or the middle half.

There is also a higher donation rate if you are able and are moved to pay more, by your valuing of the Work, or wish to provide additional support to others and to the Work. Paying more supports bursary rates for those who need them, and the many unpaid activities I am involved in to make the Work findable and available in the world.

Further reduced bursary rates are possible for people in challenging circumstances, temporarily reduced incomes and so on, so please ask if those apply. A work trade may be requested in exchange for bursary rates.

2020 Hourly Rates
Full £107 R1250 / £66
Middle £85 R1000 / £53
Concession £63 R750 / £40
Donation Up to £160 R1800 / £95


If you are an existing student, with a student profile on this website, then all sessions are booked by logging in and using the STUDENT menu to book an appointment through Acuity Scheduling. 

If you are a new student and do not have a student profile, then please email Dom on to explore doing a session or some sessions.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up until 48 hours before the session with no charge, and we can try to reschedule if you wish. Any session cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the session is payable in full regardless of circumstances or rescheduling.


Sessions are typically an hour. A longer first session may be useful to help orient students who are new to the Diamond Approach, but this is not necessary for those who have done the first five lessons of the Learn to Inquire Course. It is helpful to schedule things so you don’t need to rush to or from sessions.


Sessions can be in-person, online via Skype or Zoom, or a combination. I currently offer in-person sessions from Clerkenwell (nearest tube, Angel) in London. Due to current covid restrictions, all sessions are currently online.


Please wear clothing that you’re comfortable sitting, lying and moving around in.

Online Private Sessions

The following applies if you are doing your session online, whether on Skype or Zoom.

Your Location

Please arrange to do the session in a space where you have adequate privacy, free from distraction including partners, family and pets, and where you will feel comfortable and uninhibited to move or make a noise if needed.

Close Applications

Please close all other applications on your computer or device except Skype or Zoom, to minimise distraction and free up internet bandwidth.

Sound and Bandwidth Testing

If you’re not a regular Skype or Zoom user, I recommend testing your sound in advance of our first session using the Skype call testing service or having a call with someone else to ensure that your audio is working and the bandwidth is adequate. Depending on your computer and set up, it might be necessary for you to have a headset although sometimes it’s fine without it. If the audio or video quality is poor or bandwidth is problematic, we will turn off the video and try using just audio.

Chair, Bed and Camera

You will generally start the session in a chair. Position your webcam so that I have a clear view of your face and upper body. If possible, please have another chair available, as well as a bed/mat/sofa or something else supportive to lie on for breath work, that is soft enough for you to kick and hit on. We will use this in many of the sessions. Check in advance how you will transition from the chair to lying down, so that it’s not a disruptive move during the session. You’ll need to position the computer so that I can see you side on, and so as not to bump the computer when doing breath work. I will often turn off my camera at some point so that you can stay more with yourself and not be distracted by attending to the screen.

Other Props

It is useful to have a pillow/cushion that you wouldn’t mind hitting or squeezing. These may not be needed but are nice to have in case.


Please wear unrestrictive clothing that you are comfortable sitting, standing, lying or moving around in.

Initiating the Session

At the scheduled time, please call me or log into the Zoom meeting room. If I don’t answer Skype when you call, then I will call you back, usually within a few minutes.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, pages.

Private Sessions

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