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Learn to Inquire: Diving in the Inner Ocean (Audio Course)

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This course was the first version of what grew into my book Diving in the Inner Ocean, published by Shambhala in 2021.

The book is a significantly expanded version of this course, with a lot more teaching that make it even more practical and useful. In addition to hard copy and e-book it is available as an audible audiobook on Amazon and through other book sellers, with me reading it. If you want an audio course experience, I recommend that you go and get the audio book rather than doing the course here. It’s significantly cheaper and has more in it! Here is the link to Amazon.

I am leaving the course available here for those who had already purchased it before the book came out.


“I knew about the Diamond Approach but this was the first time I am really getting it. The approach is simple and deep. Dom’s teaching is a step by step approach giving you plenty of time to let it sink in.”
– Tanja, France

Discover how to go exploring in the ocean of your inner world using a powerful practice called Diamond Inquiry. In this self-paced audio course, you’ll be guided step-by-step to orient to the inner ocean,  to get more fully in touch with yourself, to discover where you are, and to explore what is going on for greater clarity, understanding and magical transformation. You’ll start very simply laying the crucial foundations in lessons 1 to 3. And then each later lesson brings more richness and subtlety.

Diamond Inquiry is the central practice of the Diamond Approach based on the work of AH Almaas. It is as useful and applicable the very first time you begin to look inside, as it is after decades of inner practice on any path.

You’ll be learning a skill rather than simply getting information, so I recommend taking a couple of days to practice what you learn in each lesson before going on to the next lesson. You’ll need to listen to each lesson right to the end (sometimes after the exercise) and press complete, to move on to the next one.

You purchase access solely for your own personal use, and if you listen to the course in a group, each person listening agrees to purchase their own access.

“Great course! Very thought provoking and impactful on so many levels. Takes self inquiry to a new level for me. So grateful to have been a part it.”
– Brandon, USA

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Dive in… the ocean of your inner world awaits!


© Dominic Liber


​Talk 1 – The Living Ocean of your Inner World

This lesson introduces the practical basics of inquiry – when, where and how to do it on your own. You will explore the vast scope of your inner world. In the exercise, you will dip your head into the water to see what’s appearing in your inner world.

​​Talk 2 – The Diving Mask of Friendly Interest

You’ll find all kinds of things in your inner world. There might be some experiences you like, and some things you might prefer to fix or change about yourself. You’ll discover the power of simply being friendly and interested in your inner world, wherever you are. You’ll explore some of the things that limit your friendly interest in yourself.

​Talk 4 – Discovering Where You Are

Inquiry involves waking up to what’s around in the flow of your inner world. In this lesson you’ll learn four main categories or dimensions of experience that you might notice as you look around. You’ll practice checking in with these different elements, taking time to be in touch with them, and to recognize and find the words for what they are.

​Talk 5 – Diving Deeper

The surface of the inner world is what you first encounter. In this lesson you will learn how to begin diving deeper by bringing a curious, questioning attitude towards where you are. You’ll see how this can lead you right to the depths and you’ll begin trying out that kind of exploration yourself.

​Talk 6 – The Freedom of Inquiry

Inquiry is so free that it is open to anything that might appear in your inner ocean. Practicing inquiry will expand the range of your inner world. This will activate a kind of inner coast guard called the inner critic, that stops you from experiencing anything it doesn’t approve of. You’ll explore this freedom, and how the inner critic limits your freedom.

​Talk 7 – The Magic of Inquiry

The magic of inquiry is that the very act of exploring your experience, getting in touch and understanding it, brings about a magical unfolding. In this lesson you’ll learn how to give the magic space to happen, and practice it with the inner critic coast guard.

​Talk 8 – Mind and Inquiry

Your mind includes your thoughts, ideas and the beliefs you’ve picked up from your entire life so far, and the very capacity of your consciousness to be aware and to recognize what is going on, as it’s happening. You’ll learn about two challenges of this powerful capacity to learn. In the exercise, you’ll practice exploring how different elements of your mind may be active.

​Talk 9 – Heart and Inquiry

​​In this lesson you’ll learn the importance of holding your experience and your feelings, and how to allow feelings and explore them without acting them out. You’ll learn the importance of staying with an experience to gradually notice and discover more about it, and get some tips on how to dive safely in the inner world.

​Talk 10 – Belly and Inquiry

You’ll learn about the often hidden dimension of experience that brings inquiry to life in a thrilling and immersive way. The inner world can be discovered as something palpable and substantial that you can explore in an profound adventure. This turns out to be the most important element for grounding your inquiry.