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DHUK Intro Series – Five Afternoons Introducing the Diamond Approach

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These five afternoons introduce different aspects of the Diamond Approach in preparation for the new Diamond Heart UK group.

They take place on Saturday afternoons 2 May, 6 June, 4 July, 8 August and 5 September 2020, taught by Tejo Jourdan, Zarina Maiwandi and Dominic Liber.

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DHUK Intro Series #1 – Awakening Curiosity

Length: 117 minutes

Curiosity and wonder are part of our inherent, essential nature as human beings. Explore this quality of your inner nature, and also discover some of the barriers that shut down and limit your natural curiosity.

DHUK Intro Series #2 – Beyond Knowing

Length: 117 minutes

How does thinking we already know—who we are, what is happening around us, what reality is—get in the way of our opening to deeper mystery?

DHUK Intro Series #3 – Staying the Course

Length: 117 minutes

As we become curious about our experience and open to all that we don’t know, we can discover a sense of commitment to what is true in our experience. We can become steadfast, not easily knocked off course.

DHUK Intro Series #4 – Lionhearted

Length: 117 minutes

If we wish for the truth but cannot bear to face it when it arises, our life remains secure but stagnant. We need courage to come close to ourselves, especially when we’re scared or there is something difficult in our experience.

DHUK Intro Series #5 – True Sensitivity

Length: 117 minutes

Most of us handle our suffering by shutting down our sensitivity. But doing so also cuts us off from the attuned kindness of an open heart. How else might we orient toward our innate human vulnerability?