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DHUK Intro #1 – Awakening Curiosity (2 May)

DHUK Intro 1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May) - SUPPORTER


DHUK Intro 1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May) - LOWER


DHUK Intro 1 - Awakening Curiosity (2 May) - STANDARD


This is the first of five afternoons introducing different aspects of the Diamond Approach in preparation for the new Diamond Heart UK group.

It took place on Saturday 2 May taught by Dominic Liber.

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DHUK Intro #1 – Awakening Curiosity (2 May)

Length: 117 minutes

  The session starts with a meditation and an extended sensing exercise, before going into the teaching. At the end of the teaching, you will be given an inquiry exercise, which is really the most important part of the process. In the exercise you will explore your own experience of curiosity and its limits. The [...]