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DHUK 2023 12 – Personal Love 3

This retreat will be on Zoom.

Our July, October and December weekends will be a deep dive into the quality of personal love. Personal love, or the pink essence, is a unique love, it is your personal love. It is one of the ways our true nature expresses itself. Love that is personal is needed in life, and on the path to the realisation of our Essential nature. This love is basically the magnetism between our soul and its beloved, which is experienced as a sweet pleasurable liking and appreciation for what we love, and for our deepest nature. This personal love, is a part of our birthright to know and realise, yet often lies buried or hidden under all kinds of obscurations and veils from our personality and history.

Through the practice of being present in the immediacy of our experience, and exploring and opening up via Diamond Inquiry™, we can see and understand more about how we came to have the beliefs, ideas, and convictions in our personality.

We can see that these are barriers to direct and immediate knowing, expressing and allowing of this quality to infuse our personal life, our love of truth, and our view of reality as a whole with sweetness, love and appreciation.

Since our December weekend is the third in the series, we have provided a review recording for attendees who did not come to the previous two weekends on personal love. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a link to a teaching and an exercise and we recommend you do these before coming to the weekend this time.  

Accessing the Sessions

To register, please click “purchase this course” above. We offer a sliding scale of registration fees. We expect most students to be on the standard rate which is the middle rate. But there is an option to pay less if you need to (the lower rate), and an option to pay more if you are able to (the supporter rate).

Once your registration is complete, click the titles below to access the sessions. There you will see zoom meeting details for the sessions.

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Provisional Schedule – Zoom


9:30am – 12:30pm: Teaching (all)
12:30pm – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 5pm: Teaching (all)
5:30pm – 7:45pm: Small groups


9:30am – 12:30pm: Teaching (all)
12:30pm – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 5pm: Teaching (all)
5:30pm – 7:45pm: Small groups

Group 1 on Saturday evening
Group 2 on Sunday evening
Group 3 on Sunday evening
Group 4 on Saturday evening
Groups 5 (new) on Saturday evening

New Students

If this is your first weekend with DHUK, you’ll be contacted by one of our teachers to arrange a meeting before the weekend to give you some orientation and to answer any questions that you have. New students will not join the small groups, but will have a lunch meeting with the teachers on Sunday.

Please contact Linda on with any questions about any of the above.