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DHUK 2022 10 – Essential Power

DHUK 2022 10

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We are planning to meet in-person in Clapham for our October weekend, as for the July weekend.

Provisional Schedule

7 October            Doors open 5.15pm

6pm – 9pm: Teaching (all)

8 October            Doors open 9am

9.30am – 12.30pm: Teaching (all)
12.30pm – 1.45pm: Lunch
1.45pm – 4.45pm: Teaching (all)
5.15pm – 7.15pm: Small groups 1 and 3 only, and new students meeting

9 October            Doors open 9.30am

9.30am – 12.30pm: Teaching (all)
12.30pm – 1.45pm: Lunch
1.45pm – 4.45pm: Teaching (all)
5.15pm – 7.15pm: Small groups 2 and 4 only

New Students’ Meeting 

If this is your first or second weekend with DHUK, you’re invited to an optional, introductory Zoom meeting on Wednesday 28 September provisionally at 7.30 pm, for around 60 – 75 minutes. There will be a brief introduction to the Diamond Approach and its three main practices, some orientation to the group and the weekend, and also time for your questions. Links will be provided on registration for the weekend, or have been sent to you if you are already registered.

Venue Information and Transport Links

Holy Spirit Contact Centre
60 Hambalt Road

See below for venue information and transport links.

The venue is located in the residential area of Abbeville, Clapham Southside.  It is a popular area which can get busy with the locals, shopping, using the coffee shops & restaurants.

There is a wide variety of places for coffee, eating out or buying food.   Less than a minute away from the venue is Abbeville Road with a wide variety of choices when it comes to coffee, meals or food to buy. This includes two localsize supermarkets, a deli, a bakery, a butchery with a deli section. There is a place called Cook’ for frozen meals, as well as many restaurants and takeaways.  If the weather is nice, you may want to go up to Clapham Common (7 mins walk) and have a picnic.  On the Common you will find the Windmill Pub with a large outside seating area, and The Terrace (14 min walk).

The venue has a kitchen area which has kettles, a microwave oven, an oven, fridge-freezer, knives and forks as well as pots and pans.  It does not have cups, glasses, plates. You are welcome to bring food to reheat, and tea, coffee, milk etc to make refreshments, remembering to bring your own cup.


Clapham South (Northern Line): Approx 13 mins walk
Clapham Common (Northern Line: Approx 14 mins walk


Balham Station: 26 min walk or take tube from Balham to Clapham South (1 stop)
Clapham High Street Station: 26 min walk or take tube from Clapham North (2 stops to Clapham South)
Clapham Junction: 35 min walk: or take overland to Clapham High Street Station


Bus Stop C ( Elms Road) approx 4 minute walk
Bus Stop on Cavendish Road approx 10 min walk
Other Bus stops at Clapham Common


There is street parking which is generally free over the weekend.  On Friday the parking becomes free at various times from 5:30pm.  If you need to pay for parking this is done via the PaybyPhone App, so do check the signage & white lines dividing bays. If you are driving an electric car there are quite a few charging points in the area.

There is a disabled parking bay and also a motorcycle only parking bay on the opposite side of the street from the venue. There is also another disabled parking bay outside the Co-op (Abbeville Road just off Hambalt Road).

Likely COVID Protocol

It is unclear what the covid situation will be in October, but it is likely that we will follow similar arrangements to what we did in July, and these are set out below.

Daily Lateral Flow Test

We understand the limitations of LFTs in terms of accuracy, but the cost and hassle is low and the improvement in comfort and safety matters to enough people to make it worthwhile. Everyone who comes in person is required to do an LFT in the morning, from Thursday (the day before) to Sunday, and to not come if they test positive or if they have symptoms regardless of the test result.

Please bring your test or a photo of your test with you each day.

Voluntary Masks or Social Distancing 

We will not be requiring mandatory masks or social distancing, so this will be up to everyone to manage for themselves. If you’d prefer not to be touched, we suggest wearing a prominent red name tag or something like that to indicate your preference. And we ask that everyone be respectful and check with other people’s boundaries before any physical closeness or contact, especially if their requirements are different than your own.

Bear in mind that with all precautions, there is still a risk of contracting the virus. The decision to attend is ultimately yours, and these are suggested guidelines only.

Zoom Attendance

We are likely to offer Zoom participation due to the covid situation for October. If you will be attending on Zoom please inform Linda on, no later than Sunday 24 September, so that we can determine how to arrange small groups (small groups are only for students who have already applied for group membership). Zoom links will be emailed out ahead of the weekend.


Please contact Linda on with any questions about any of the above.


DHUK 2022 10

Length: 180 minutes

Zoom Link or Meeting ID and Password Please do not share these zoom details with anyone. You can just click the link to join the meeting (the password is embedded in the link), or go to Zoom and enter the meeting ID and password. You will be placed into a waiting room on joining the [...]