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DHUK 2021 03 – Red 3 – Red and the Three Centres

DHUK 2021 03


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  2. DHUK 2021 01 - Red 2 - The Essence of Strength
  3. DHUK 2021 03 - Red 3 - Red and the Three Centres

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This weekend explores the Red essence in each of the three centres. The strength and vibrance of the Red brings courage to the heart, clear discrimination to the mind, and assertiveness to the belly. We also explore how the Red appears in our practice of inquiry, bringing a bold adventurous quality to the practice.

The teaching for lesson one on the courageous heart is not available at this time. A new recording will be made and uploaded.



DHUK 2021 03 #4 -The Assertive Belly

Length: 180 minutes

Meditation Begin listening to the RAM chant, and chanting along in your own time. Feel each letter of the RRR-AAA-MMM resonating in you. Then sit in silence for 15 minutes of Kath meditation. Teaching