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DHUK 2020 12 – Red 1 – The Expansion of Being

DHUK 2020 12

DHUK Red - Full


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The recordings and online course will be available here in the week of 11 January.

Our true nature at its depth is alive, strong and expanded. Our spirit is fiery and courageous. But many of us are disconnected from these qualities of our being. Faced with inner and outer challenges, we often feel weak, small, inadequate, as though we’re just not up to it. In our next three weekends, in December, January and March, we’ll explore what stands in the way of this inner fire. We’ll introduce experiential exercises that focus on the specific barriers to our aliveness, such as our relationship to aggression and the oppressive force of the inner critic. 

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DHUK 2020 12

Length: 180 minutes

Session 1: Meditation Session 1: Teaching Session 2: Meditation Session 2: Teaching (part 1) This teaching video is split into two parts. Session 2: Teaching (part 2) Session 3: Meditation Session 3: Teaching Session 4: Meditation Session 4: Teaching