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DASA 2021 11 – Steadfastness and Inner Support

This course will take you on a deep dive exploring the presence of Personal Will with its various qualities like steadfastness, determination, inner support and groundedness – vital qualities for life and for the inner journey

Anyone is free to register for this course, and no prior experience with the Diamond Approach is required.

Contact or Questions
If you have any questions about registering or  about the programme, please contact Maphoko on

We offer three fee levels for South African students. A standard rate which we hope most will pay. A higher Supporter rate that will allow us to provide discounted lower rates to students who need it, and to support the group as it grows to a sustainable size. And a Lower rate for students who need it due to financial limitations or hardship. A separate fee scale applies for non-South African students.

Standard rate of R3600 / Lower rate of R2600 / Supporters rate of R4600

Accessing the Sessions
Once your registration is complete, click the titles below to access the sessions.