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DAAfrica 2024 07 Essential Nourishment

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What is it that truly nourishes you? What is real nourishment at this particular moment or stage of your life? In this weekend we will begin to explore the deep question of nurturing and nourishment, that is vital for growth and development. On the journey of spiritual development we become more and more who we actually are, our living beingness in the moment, rather than the old history and conditioning and reactions of the past. And this brings up the question at some point of what really nourishes us now. The things that nourished us before may no longer really be what we need. Opening to what truly nourishes us will bring us to confront some of our earliest history and patterning around nourishment.

Zoom Retreat

Zoom participation – the Zoom links will be provided on registration.

Provisional Retreat Schedule

Attendance at all sessions is required. Private sessions will be held in the mornings, lunch times and evenings around the meetings.

Friday 5 July 2024
6:00-9:0pm evening teaching

Saturday 6 July 2024
10am-1pm morning teaching
2:30pm-5:30pm afternoon teaching
6:45-9pm Small group

Sunday 7 July 2024
10am-1pm morning teaching
2:30pm-5:30 pm afternoon teaching

Anyone is free to register for this weekend, and no prior experience with the Diamond Approach is required. If you are new to the Diamond Approach or this would be your first retreat with this group, please contact one of the teachers Dominic on or Sarala on and we will make a time to meet with you before the retreat to say hello, give you some orientation and answer any questions you might have.

Contact or Questions
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For questions about the retreat material or about the Diamond Approach, please contact Dominic or Sarala.

We offer three fee levels for South African students. A standard rate which we hope most will pay. A higher Supporter rate that will allow us to provide discounted lower rates to students who need it, and to support the group as it grows to a sustainable size. And a Lower rate for students who need it due to financial limitations or hardship. A separate fee scale applies for non-South African students.

Standard rate of R3950 / Lower rate of R2850 / Supporters rate of R4950

Support for students age 40 and under is provided by the Diamond Approach Youth Fund. Information about the fund can be found at Please contact Dominic or Sarala if you are interested. The support is available to meet real financial needs even if this is your first weekend.

Accessing the Sessions
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