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DAAfrica 2023 03 – Living Daylight

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How much are you able to relax into yourself and into your life and to trust that you’ll be OK? And how can you really let go and let yourself be, if there isn’t trust that things are fundamentally okay, and that whatever happens is appropriate? If you don’t have this trust, you are constantly scared and tense, having to control or manage yourself, others or your circumstances because you don’t trust you’ll be OK otherwise.

Your very being-ness, your true nature, the qualities of your human nature, will spontaneously provide whatever is optimal in each and every specific situation and moment of your life, and in your inner journey. And if something else seems to be coming forward, some barrier or issue, then you know and trust that that issue is precisely the thing that you need to be with and to explore for things to unfold in the optimal way.

This kind of trust is extremely rare. Many people might have occasional glimpses of it, but far more often we are controlling our lives and our situations because in a very deep way we do not trust that what we need will be available. And this lack of trust is rooted in our childhood development, and in the remnants of that past that make up the ego.

Drawing on some of the insights of psychologist Winnicott and others, we will be exploring AH Almaas profound understanding of this fundamental or basic trust. It will not be a theoretical or intellectual exploration, but rather a very personal, intimate, meaningful and experiential. By looking into the barriers and conditioning within ourselves you may rediscover your capacity for basic trust, and learn what will enable it to grow and expand.

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