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Book an Appointment

At the top right corner of the square headed “1 CHOOSE APPOINTMENT”, you may see a link that says “Returning? Log in.” If you have an Acuity scheduling account here, click “Log in” and enter your Acuity details.

Please do not book sessions with less than 24 hours notice, unless you have checked that this will be OK.

If you have difficulties, please read the detailed instructions at the bottom of this page.

Detailed Instructions

1) Viewing and Managing your Bookings

At the top right corner of the square headed “1 CHOOSE”, you will see a link that says “Returning? Log in.” If you already have a booking account on here, click on the “Log in” and log in.
You will then see all your upcoming appointments in a green box at the top of the booking form. You can click on any of these appointments to open a form to pay for it, cancel it, or to reschedule it. You can click a box to show all your past appointments too.
  • Cancellation: This is pretty straightforward.
  • Rescheduling: This will open up a window that will show you available times. Feel free to reschedule to any available time.
  • Payment: You can either enter card details each time, or save them to save you time. Card details are not saved on my website, but securely with Stripe. You can pay for each appointment separately.

Payments will be automatically collected at the end of the week in which your session occurs, from the card details that you have entered to book it.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up until 48 hours before the session with no charge, and we can try to reschedule if you wish. Any session cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours of the session is payable in full regardless of circumstances or rescheduling.

2) Making a New Booking

South African students only, please select Private Session (South Africa).
All other students, please choose Private Session.

Please set your timezone if it’s not what you want – that way you will see available appointments in your own time zone which will make things easier for you.

You can book an appointment in any of the available time slots that show up by selecting the time, and clicking “Continue” from the pop up menu.  Please try to abide by the session frequency we have agreed, and the time/day slot, though there can be exceptions here or there.

Once you’ve selected the time slot, enter/confirm your details, very importantly enter your COUPON, and then choose to either pay now, or to reserve without paying. If you haven’t saved your payment details, you will need to enter your payment card to finalise the booking, even if you’re paying later.

If you pay the FULL rate you do not need a coupon code. If you have agreed another rate with me, use one of these coupon codes in step 2, to adjust your rate:

2024 Session Rates
Coupon Code GBP ZAR
Full — (None) £123 R1400 / £61
Middle MIDDLE £97    (-20%) R1120 / £49
Lower LOWER £73    (-40%) R840 / £38
Donation DONATION £180  (+60%) R2025 / £88


If you’re not sure which rate is appropriate for you, please talk to me. You might imagine that about half of all students would be on the “MIDDLE” rate, and about a quarter would be on the FULL rate and a quarter on the LOWER rate. The donation rate is voluntary for those who are moved to.

Most important: if this is your first booking, at the end of the process on the confirmation screen you will see somewhere a link to create a Acuity account to make it easier to book in future. PLEASE DO THIS – unfortunately this is the only opportunity you have to create an Acuity account, and it makes everything much easier if you have one.

3) Existing Appointments

The first time you log in to view the bookings that have been added to your account, please CHECK through the list of existing appointments.

4) Booking Additional Appointments

If you feel that there is too big a gap somewhere in the year, and you’d like to book another session in that space, you are welcome to see if there is an free option. There will not always be one since sometimes I’m teaching on several retreats back to back.
If you are considering changing your day or time slot or overall frequency, please talk with me first.
And please email me when cancelling any appointments to let me know.