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Diamond Approach Africa

Diamond Inquiry and the Essential Aspects

Diamond inquiry is the transformative technology of the Diamond Approach, sometimes described as combining Freud and Buddha. It is a way of exploring inner experience that leads to profound discoveries of the nature of our beingness, and the liberation of that being from the psychological conditioning and structuring of history, ignorance and misunderstanding. Inquiry as a practice draws on all our capacities, and in this retreat we will learn to engage five different qualities to power up the practice: joy, strength, will, kindness and power. These are the qualities of what are called the five lataif: the yellow essence, the red essence, the white essence, the green essence and the black essence.

This is an advanced inquiry weekend, required for ongoing members of the group and open to students familiar with the practice of inquiry. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact Dom on dom@domliber.com.

Our next weekend open to new comers will be in February 2023.

7-9 November, Schoenstatt, Constantia
In-person or Zoom Attendance welcome


For more information, please contact us.

Diamond Approach South Africa is becoming Diamond Approach Africa!

This is the first group to make the full power of the revolutionary Diamond Approach available in Africa. The group is led by teacher and author Dominic Liber and teacher and doctor Sarala Jungclaussen.

This radical transformative approach harnesses the depth of meditation and spirituality, the insight of psychology and the relevance to life of coaching.

In person retreats take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and online participation is welcomed.

You’ll learn specific practices to enter and awaken to your inner world in a new way. We share teachings to orient you towards a particular exploration or quality of your inner nature. Dive in with inquiry exercises to explore and understand yourself in a deep and transformative way.

This unique exploration encompasses our lives, the psychological elements of our histories and the direct, immediate sensations of our awareness or consciousness as it takes on different qualities. It becomes possible not only to discover the wonderful and amazing qualities of human nature like love, kindness, strength, will, openness but also to approach and transform the difficult parts of our personalities including our wounding and issues from early development.

“The understanding is not mental or intellectual comprehension but a direct awareness and experience of oneself that is insightful and clear. It opens the door to a profound and intimate relationship with what it means to be a human being.”
– A.H. Almaas, Spacecruiser Inquiry, page 10

“I myself can recommend the Diamond Approach as probably the most balanced of the widely available spiritual psychologies/therapies.”

– Ken Wilber

Future Dates

Diamond Approach Africa is Africa’s first and only Diamond Approach group. In person meetings take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and online participation is welcomed.  Each weekend uses the revolutionary practice of inquiry and the teaching of the Diamond Approach to dive in to the inner world and explore different qualities of our human nature.

The three day retreat on 7-9 November 2022 will be in person with Dom and Sarala in Cape Town. We are planning that all the long weekends in 2023 will be in-person.

Reading recommendations

Diving in the Inner Ocean

Dom’s book Diving in the Inner Ocean is the essential practical guide to inquiry – the primary practice of the Diamond Approach.

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas

John Davis’s book The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of AH Almaas gives a broad overview of the whole approach.

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